Act Now to Bundle Charter TV® & Charter Internet® Charter TV® Select Included in this package Get thousands of programming options including your local channels as well as your major cable favorites. Charter Internet® Plus Included in this package Charter Internet® Plus features download speeds up to 30 Mbps; you can surf the internet faster than ever before. 24/7 Access To On Demand Included in this package Charter On Demand® brings you 10,000+ programming options with the touch of a button, many in HD & 3D. FREE MODEM INCLUDED STARTING AT $ 89 98 /mo.* locked in for 12 months with no contract GET STARTED
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Charter TV

Charter TV®

Get Charter TV® and start enjoying spending more time with your family. With all of the channels Charter offers, everyone will love something.

Charter Internet

Charter Internet®

Charter Internet® gives you access to the internet like you never thought was possible. With speeds up to 30 Mbps, you will never be left behind.

Charter Phone

Bundle Phone & Save

Bundle Charter Phone® and save even more with a 3 Service Bundle, adding unlimited local and long distance talk to cable TV & internet.

Charter Double Play: 2 Service Charter Bundles

Bundle services and save with Charter Communications. By combining Charter's TV and Internet, Charter Internet® and Phone, and Charter TV® and Phone you'll only have one bill to worry about while maximizing your savings and getting two great services. Read on to learn about Charter Bundle Double Play deals in detail.

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Charter Bundles are Available Now

Charter Communications now offers Charter bundles combining Charter TV® and high-speed internet, Charter TV® and unlimited phone service, and Charter Internet® and Charter Phone®. Take advantage of the cable TV packages available from the Charter Bundle and save while getting two great services on one bill for one low monthly price. Below are details on some of our most popular Charter bundles.

The Charter Double Play package combining TV® Select and Charter Internet® Plus brings both high-speed internet and cable television into your home for one low price. With this deal, you get more than 185+ channels, including HD channels and your local channels, many of which are not available when you choose a satellite TV provider. You'll also get more than 45 channels of digital music, and more than 60 channels in high-definition; these HD channels increase the picture quality even more, with resolution more than six times better than standard definition TV. The Charter Double Play also gives you access to Charter On Demand, with more than 10,000 programming options, more than 1500 in HD, and movies in 3D. In addition to your TV service, you'll also get one of the nation's fastest internet services according to PC Magazine, with speeds up to 30 Mbps, 10 times faster than standard DSL and five times faster than our closest competitor, AT&T U-Verse. Unlike other service providers, you won't pay for your modem; it's included in the monthly rate.

The Charter Double Play package combining TV® Select and Charter Phone® Unlimited gives you all the TV benefits, plus Charter's unmatched telephone service, which helps you save on your phone bill by giving you unlimited local and long distance talk all for one low monthly rate. You can call anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Charter Phone also features 13 popular calling features, such as FREE 411 calls plus an easy to use voicemail system.

Another popular Charter Double Play package combines Charter Internet® Plus and Charter Phone®, giving you a full home communications solution for one low monthly rate. Unlimited Web surfing and calling are available with this package, available now from Charter Communications and the Charter Bundle.

Charter All In Guarantee