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Charter cable TV in Watkinsville brings you the best lineup for the lowest price with Select TV in Watkinsville; get started with Select TV on its own or as part of a Charter Bundle in Watkinsville with Charter Internet Plus and Charter Phone; either way you'll get the best channel lineup, including the most HD channels, for the price. With a ton of channels, you can't go wrong with Charter cable.

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Charter TV Select is our most affordable cable TV service, bringing you more than 125 channels, with 60 HD channels as long as you have an HD-ready TV. You get all your local programming with this Charter TV option in Watkinsville along with popular cable favorites like ESPN, USA, Food Network, ABC Family, and Lifetime, along with new hit channels like OWN, Hallmark Movie Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Charter On Demand in Watkinsville is also available with this package, bringing you as many as 10,000 additional shows, movies and more, many of which are in HD, along with the ability to watch some movies in 3D with Charter Select TV in Watkinsville as long as you have the right kind of television. Get the most extensive programming lineup for the price today with Charter.

You'll also get, in addition, 45 digital music channels across all genres, and for only $19.99 per month on top of your normal bill, you can also get Charter DVR service in your home in Watkinsville, now with as much as 780 hours of storage space. DVR allows you to rewind, pause and record live TV, as well as set up series recordings to make sure you never miss any of your favorite shows and can watch at your convenience. For only $5 more Spanish Language viewers can take advantage of our Latino View Package in Watkinsville, giving you Spanish Language programming options like ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, CNN en Espanol, and history in Espanol. With Charter cable, there's no limit to what you can do.

Get started with Charter Select TV in Watkinsville: call 866-513-4900 and get clear picture, digital sound, and installation that gets your cable TV in Watkinsville set up in no time. Begin Charter in Watkinsville with an industry leader today. Get great savings on services today.

You'll get a great value with Charter Cable TV in Watkinsville, especially with Charter Select TV, the most affordable package that still brings you 100+ channels. But the way you can most maximize your savings is by combining Charter Select TV in Watkinsville with one or more of our other services in a Charter Bundle in Watkinsville, GA. You can get two or three service bundles that include TV along with Internet, Phone, or both. Let's take a look at our other services, starting wtih Charter Phone. Our digital phone package in Watkinsville is called Charter Phone Unlimited, and the benefit is right there in the name. You get UNLIMITED local and long distance talk, as many calls as you like each month with your bill staying exactly the same. You also get as many as ten great additional value-added features, things like Caller ID and Call Waiting, that you'll never know you missed until you had them.

TV and Phone aren't the only options, though. Perhaps our most valuable proposition is Charter high-speed internet. With Charter Internet Plus in Watkinsville, you get 60 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up, faster than AT&T U-verse, which is our closest competition, and way faster than standard DSL. With Charter Internet in Watkinsville, GA you can play games online, shop, stream or download music and movies, and a whole lot more, all without slowing down your always-on surfing connection.

Other cable providers in Watkinsville GA cannot beat Spectrum Select TV. Call today Watkinsville to get Spectrum Select cable TV in Watkinsville.

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